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Annual Report

Zumwalt Park

CAS(p) White Paper for ADA Compliance Issues

ADA compliance PowerPoint

CASp inspectors for ADA Compliance

Tulare Local Development Company

2017 Christmas Parade Sponsors

"Double Diamond" Title Sponsor

"New Diamond" Stage Sponsor

"Purple Reign" Diamond Sponsor

"Thriller" Multi-Platinum Sponsor

Olive Branch Masonic Lodge

"Thriller" Multi-Platinum Sponsor

"Thriller Multi-Platinum Sponsor

"Greatest Hits" Platinum Sponsor

"Footloose" Gold Sponsor

"Footloose" Gold Sponsor

"Footloose" Gold Sponsor

"Footloose" Gold Sponsor


It's Getting Close to the Holidays...

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Social Media

Click here to access a PDF of how social media can work and how it can help you promote your business.

City Council Representative

Councilman Greg Nunley is our new City Council Representative to the Downtown Association board. Mr. Nunley is a local developer who decided to enter the world of local politics. He has a special interest in the downtown and envisions an area full of restaurants, entertainment establishments and stores.

He currently sponsors a series of ongoing meetings addressing issues in the downtown and actions to correct the problems and issues we have.

He can be reached thru City Hall or

Office of the Director and Staff

  John Harman is the director of the Tulare Downtown Association, the Tulare Downtown Foundation and the acting Manager for the Tulare Tower Square Property Owner's Association (PBID). John managest the day-to-day affairs of the associations, plans and promotes events, produces seminars and activities for the downtown businesses and seeks ways to improve Downtown Tulare's Image. He can be reached Monday thru Friday at the association office number (559)685-2350 or via email:


Arlene Ealy is the Administrative Assistant in the office. (You also see her working at the many events with which the Downtown Association is affiliated. Arlene handles data-entry, accounting, vendor recruitment and general administrative duties. She can be reached at the office or by email at  


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