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Get in on the Explosion!

Hundreds of businesses are promoting themselves using the sensation that's sweeping the nation: Pokemon Go.

The cell phone app uses GPS to allow players to play a video game in the real world: that real world includes your business!

Not sure how to get started? We're here to help: click on this link to see a boy (go to the experts, right!) walk you thru the step-by-step process of setting up an account.

Once you load the app, the program will start to tell you how things work. The important part you'll need to know is about "lures" that attract Pokemon "monsters" to your area. Those monsters will in turn attract people, YOUR target market! Click here to learn about lures.

Click here for video about how other businesses are using PokemonGo to drive business!

How does PokemonGo interact with Tulare? Well, the old hotel arches in on K Street and Tulare Avenue are a "gym;" the former Fred's Barbeque is home to the "Cursed Fountain" where players can gain Pokeballs and articles. Why's everyone hanging out at Zumwalt Park? There's a gym at the corner of Kern Ave and N Street plus three "PokeStops" along Tulare Ave. Want to see where they all are? Click here to see an interactive map and get more details.

Take advantage of Pokemon Go for your business!

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